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Foxconn Technology Group CEO Terry Gou was on the 17th in the second World Internet

Foxconn Technology Group CEO Terry Gou was on the 17th in the second World Internet

Foxconn Technology Group CEO Gou Taiming 17 in the second World Internet Conference "Digital China" sub-forum, said the future is real virtual combination, hard and soft integration of the times. Industrial Internet is Foxconn forward direction, and is building the Internet ecosystem.

Terry Gou said,"I have done forty years of real economy", but the future trend is the combination of real virtual, hard and soft integration of the times. Industrial Internet is Foxconn Group is committed to the direction of transformation. "In the industrial manufacturing era, in the Internet era, the manufacturing industry a lot of information is not interoperability." Foxconn Group itself in an industrial manufacturing platform, with the Internet of things all the information in series, to provide massive data accumulation.

He said that the Foxconn Group in the industrial Internet is the pursuit of cloud, cloud network, intelligent, mobile intelligent environmental protection factory, to achieve green manufacturing.“That is, the entire product life cycle, from the needs of analysis, concept design, design verification to mass production shipments, full value of the industrial chain of various links, Foxconn for different types of customers can bring competitive products.”

Gou made the Foxconn manufacturing group about to transition to"Six streams" of the technology companies, the so-called six streams, personnel flow, cargo flow, process flow of three entities flow, coupled with the flow of information, financial flow and technology flow of three virtual flow continued integration. Industrial Internet is the application of sensor sensing network, automated processes for industrial robots, the Internet of Things to build six large data accumulation, through the artificial wisdom analysis, to create a safe production of all-round intelligent intelligent factory.

Gou said that the thinking of the software can be very fast, but the hardware thinking to a lot of accumulation. He make"Internet car" as an example that the new Internet auto industry and the old auto industry, "who wins, not yet seen." Internet car is not a car entertainment or car, to the safety of driving the car, the driver for the surrounding environment sensitive level, need a lot of foundation, "is your core technology, rather than using network technology can Master a core car. "

He believes that the combination between soft and hard, the combination between the actual situation, need to rely on large data. The essence of the Internet is the cloud, mobile, Internet, great wisdom, and machinery; that is, through cloud computing, cloud terminals, Internet terminals, network integration, and through industrial robots in the production line to achieve integration.

Terry Gou said that in industrial applications, Foxconn is the system of production of video production process of the entire data recording process, industrial Internet to improve production quality and efficiency, optimize productivity, resulting in the transformation of labor structure. Foxconn Group is actively responding to China-made 2025 and "13 · 5" plan, hoping to help the Internet industry to upgrade, to build a platform of soft and hard to accelerate the transformation of intelligent manufacturing to strengthen industrial base capacity, the implementation of green manufacturing floor, to achieve confidence Coordinate the green to create a win - win development.

Gou pointed out that in recent years around the world will soon determine the manufacturing strategy, manufacturing indispensable for the country entities, the Internet for the development of the country to provide new momentum, only real virtual combination, to sustainable development. The development of the Internet, will be driven by intelligent manufacturing manufacturing upgrade, Foxconn is building the Internet's ecosystem, for all mankind to create a manufacturing network.